"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt" is one of THE biggest lies that has ever been told.  Understanding that it was said to help children to ignore teasing and the unrelenting childhood torture but it's still very, very wrong.  Words are how we communicate; how we describe ourselves, our thoughts, feelings - our life.  Words are powerful. They can build up, tear down, encourage, discourage, motivate, depress....and I could go on. Simply put words have a tremendous impact on our lives and can be the difference between one's success or failure. 


#SpeakLoveToLife is an encouragement initiative created specifically to encourage those who have messed up...and messed up BIGTIME! We say kind things to people in passing or to strangers.  But, rarely do we encourage those we know that messed up to move forward without rehearsing or gossiping about what they've done. Is this a pass for or enabling wrong doing? Absolutely NOT!  It's encouragement to move forward from that wrong.  It's easy to emphatically tell someone what they did wrong but how often do we think beyond our own opinion?  Do we ever ask why? Do we ever look at their choices?  Most importantly, do we ever look at or ask what they learned for their mistakes and ways to prevent them from happening again?  Additionally, as we're super busy pointing the finger and chastising, do we recognize or remember that the one who messed up has feelings too and during their mistakes is when they actually need the most encouragement and a strong support system?  #SpeakLoveToLife is designed to encourage and uplift those who have been broken by words, feel as if they cannot move on, and continually define themselves by their mistakes.  Yes, you have made a mistake - we all have yet we cannot allow it to define us.  You are no more your mistake than I am a lettuce because I ate a salad.  #SpeakLoveToLife aims to remind everyone that they are great, have purpose, destiny, and were created for a one-of-a-kind reason that can still be fulfilled. 

READ THIS ALOUD: I am important.  I matter.  I ROCK!!  #SpeakLoveToLife and repeat this as often as needed.

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#SpeakLoveToLife Video Introduction

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