Making Gradual Changes for Permanent Results

What is Temple Renovations you ask?  Great Question!  Temple Renovations by Blair Unlimited (TR) is a real time lifestyle change that we make together.  This Initiative was founded by The Media Lady for accountability, connectivity, encouragement, motivation and real lifestyle change.  Many times we know what changes are needed but we go about them too fast and then we 'un' change, or, we just don't make the changes at all out of fear, laziness, not thinking that we can, feeling inadequate, lack of prioritizing, time, - whatever the reason. TR serves as a notification and a reminder of how important you are and how much you matter. It is imperative and extremely necessary to you, your purpose, and the world for you to maximize the greatness that's inside of you waiting to be unleashed!

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TR started out as a workout DVD for the Plus Size Sexy by a Plus Size Sexy.  The beginning purpose of it was to encourage the Plus Size Sexy to move forward in a healthy lifestyle change.  If the Plus Size Sexy on the screen can make it, the Plus Size Sexy watching and doing it can make it too.  In realizing that there are multiple areas in our lives that need to be renovated - dreams, desires, callings, career, our thinking, and the list goes on, TR evolved from physical health changes to a total lifestyle change. The TR Initiative aims to continually encourage, motivate and impact community.  Check out TR often to see what we're up to and possibly participate in what's going on.  And, keep us posted on how you've stepped up, renovations that you've made/are making, and how you're impacting community. No more D.I.E.T - Doing In Excellence Temporarily! It's time for a real Lifestyle change!!

MISSION:  Making Gradual Changes For Permanent Results.

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