wwYd - what will YOU do?  That is the question and your motivation to move.  Many of us have been sitting on our gifts, talents, creativity, and abilities for way too long now and it's time to move.  God empowered us, not to wait on Him but to move in the ability and call that He's given and created us to fulfill.  We've waited because of fear, past mistakes, age, lack of confidence, opinions and negativity of others - too many reasons to list.  Truth is, we are not waiting on God and what He's going to do but He's waiting on us.  He's waiting on us to maximize and use what He's given and put inside of us. wwYd is a motivational movement to hopefully cause you to move - now.  Everyone's idea of success is different so find out what success is to you, be it becoming an entrepreneur, working at a great company, being an at home parent, or simply encouraging the people around you - whatever it is, find, maximize and be the greatest you that you can be.

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It's as simple as black and white:  You are important.  You matter.  You ROCK!!!

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